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Hide or Show Features

How can I change the visibility of a feature?

Select the Feature

Click on the feature to select it in Map, Sequence, or Features view.

Hide the Feature

Choose Features → Hide Selected Feature.

If multiple features were selected, you can use Features → Hide Selected Features to hide all of them.

Show the Feature

To show a hidden feature, switch to Features view. Click the empty check box to the left of the feature name to make the selected feature visible in the other views.

Alternatively, you can click on the feature name to select it, and then choose Features → Show Selected Feature.

Change Multiple Features' Visibility

To change the visibility of multiple features, select the features in Features view, then click Features → Show Selected Features.

Change Feature Visibility Using the Sorting "Eye" Button

To change the visibility of features, choose from the menu options next to the "Eye" sorting button.

Toggle Feature Visibility Using the Side Toolbar

In Map or Sequence view, clicking the "Show features" (green arrow) button in the side toolbar toggles the display of the features whose check boxes are checked in Features view.