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Do Bulk Replacement in a Collection

How can I do a bulk replacement for multiple sequence files in a Collection?

Open the Collection

To open a recently accessed Collection, click File → Open Collection. Alternatively, Browse... to a Collection that is being newly accessed.

Open the "Bulk Edit" Pane

In this example, our goal is to change all of the "SV40 poly(A) signal" feature names in the Collection. To begin, click the Bulk Edit... button.

Select the Replacement Type

To view the replacement options, click the "Replace" menu button. In this case, we want to change with Replace Feature Name.

Replace Matches in Bulk

Type the original text in the "Search all DNA files for" box, then type the replacement text in the "Replace with" box, then click Replace.

Review the search results. To replace these matches in bulk, click OK.

The first modified file is now shown in the Collection window. Unsaved modified files are indicated with asterisks next to the file names. Click File → Save All to save all modified files.

Search for an Exact Match

It is also possible to search the files for an exact match. For example, to modify a feature name that is also present within other feature names, click the check box labeled Require an exact match, then click Replace.

The feature name can then be replaced in all files that match the unique search term. Click OK to perform the replacements.

View the Changes

The exact replacement of "poly(A)" with "SV40 poly(A)" is shown.

Note that the "HSV TK poly(A) signal" feature name was not changed because it contains characters in addition to "poly(A)".

Close the Replacement Pane

To close the replacement pane, click the "x". Alternatively, press the esc key.

Save the Changes

The modified file is now shown in the Collection window. To save all of the modified files (and remove the asterisks), click File → Save All.