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Create a Translated Feature

How can I create a feature that will be translated in Sequence view?

Select the Translated Sequence Region

Select the sequence region that will be annotated with a translated feature.

Add a Feature

To add a feature, click Features → Add Feature... .

Name the Feature

Type the name of the new feature.


Turn on Translation

(1) To turn on translation, either click the check box, or choose "CDS" (coding sequence) as the feature type.

(2) Specify the directionality of translation as either forward (top strand) or reverse (bottom strand).

(3) Click "Options" to change the reading frame or genetic code or translation numbering, or to ensure that a non-ATG start codon is translated as methionine.

Enter a Description

If desired, enter a description of the protein in the "/product" field. You may want to provide additional information in the "/note" field.

Once the feature has been created, the contents of both fields will appear in a tooltip if you mouse over the feature.


View the Translation

Click OK to see the translated feature in Sequence view.

Choose 1- or 3-Letter Amino Acid Codes

If desired, click the button in the side toolbar to switch between 1- and 3-letter amino acid codes.