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Import Feature Data

How can I copy feature annotations from one file to another?

Open the Destination File

Open the file that will receive the imported features.

In this example, the destination file has no features. If the destination file already has features, SnapGene will not duplicate existing features by default, but will offer the option of importing duplicate features.

Specify the Source File

To specify the source file, click Features → Import Features from Another File... .

In the Import Features from Another File dialog, choose a *.dna source file that has the desired feature annotations, then click OK.

View the Available Features List

A second dialog will list the features that are to be imported. If desired, click the check box at the lower left to make the list more compact.

Specify Which Features Will Be Added

The Add column indicates which features will be imported. To change the default choices, click the relevant check boxes, then click Add [N] Features.

In this example, the final mEGFP feature would have been annotated twice, once with and once without the stop codon. The check box for the version without the stop codon was manually unchecked.

View the Imported Features

The imported features will be added to the destination file.