Detect Custom Features

How can I detect custom features within a DNA sequence?

Select a Feature for Addition to the List of Custom Common Features

To detect a custom feature, it must first be added to the common features list. Open an appropriate annotated DNA sequence, select the feature to be added, then click Features → Add to Common Features....

Add the Feature

To add the selected feature to the common features list, click Add 1 Feature.

View the Custom Features List

The selected feature will be added to the Custom Features list within the Browse Common Features dialog.

Remove a Custom Common Feature

To remove a feature from the custom features list, click Features → Browse Common Features, click the dropdown and select "Custom Features", click in the list box to select the feature, then click Remove.

Detect the Custom Feature

To detect the custom features within a target DNA sequence, click Features → Detect Common Features... , check the desired feature (if a feature is found), then click Add 1 Feature.

The feature will be added to the target sequence.