Search a Collection

How can I search a Collection to find the files of interest?

Open the Collection

To open a recently accessed Collection, click File → Open Collection and select the Collection from the list. Alternatively, click File → Open Collection Browse... to open a Collection that is being newly accessed.

Choose the Area to search.

Search options are Area-specific and will change depending on the Area you have selected!

Search options for "All Files" view will be limited to metadata common to all file types.

Open the Search Dialog

To open the Search dialog, click the Search... button.

The Search dialog shows several sections, each of which can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the triangle next to the section header.

Enter the desired search criteria. For example, to search for files that contain a particular term in their names, type the term in the "Sequence Name" entry box.

When all of the search criteria have been specified, click Search.

View the Search Results

The search results are listed, with the first matching file selected and displayed.

Search the Previous Results

To search within the previous results, click the Search... button again, enter search criteria, and click Search Previous Results.

For example, to search the previous results by sequence length, click the triangle next to Properties, enter the search criteria, in the above example based on sequence length, and click Search Previous Results.

In this example, the previous search results have been filtered to show only files larger than 5000 bp.

To restore the previous search criteria, open the Search dialog if it is not already open. Then click Restore Previous Search.

The previous search terms are automatically entered. Sections that contain previous search terms are marked with green headers.

The previous search criteria can then be modified if desired. In this example, the "Sequence Name" entry was changed, and then a new search was performed.

Whenever a search is performed, the new search results replace any previous search results.

Return to the Complete List of Files

To switch from the search results back to the complete list of files in the Collection, click the menu button, then select All.