Add Files to a Collection

How can I add files to a Collection?

Open the Collection Interface

To add files to a new Collection, create the new Collection as described in the Make a New Collection lesson. In this example, the Collection is named "mScarlet".

Import Files into a Collection

To import files into a Collection, first select the Area (DNA, RNA, Protein or Miscellaneous) in the top menu.  Then click the Import/Export menu button, then select Import Files... . Browse to select the files, then click Open. Alternatively, drag and drop files into the window on the right or the list box on the left.

View the Files in a Collection

The Collection window now displays the added files.

Import a Folder into a Collection

To import a folder of files into a Collection, click the Import/Export menu button and select Import Folder... . Browse to the folder and select it, then click Import.

View Folders in a Collection

In Folder view, the Collection interface shows the list of folders. If necessary, click on the icon to switch to Folder view.  Expand a folder by clicking the triangle next to the folder name.

Save a File to a Collection

To save a DNA or protein file to a Collection, open the file, then click File → Save to Collection and choose the desired Collection.

The Collection window alerts you that the file has been imported. Click OK.

The Collection window now displays the added file.

Add a Placeholder File

To add a placeholder file that will store information about a sequence record in the absence of the sequence, click Add DNA For RNA File... or Add Protein File... .

Click to choose Add a placeholder file with no sequence, type the file name, choose the topology if you are creating a DNA file, then click OK.

View the Placeholder File in a Collection

The Collection window now shows the placeholder file. Click the check box at the bottom right of the screen to view and edit the Description Panel. Note that the Description Panel can be used to store information about the sequence record. The sequence can be added later using the Add Sequence... or Import Sequence & History... buttons.