Set the Default MW marker

How do I set the MW marker?

Select the MW Marker Lane

To select the MW Marker lane, click lane "1" above the gel.

Set the Default MW Marker

If you would like to change the default shown in the MW Marker menu, click the Set Default MW Marker... button.

Alternatively, on a Mac click SnapGene → Preferences, or on a Windows or Linux computer, click Edit → Preferences.

In the SnapGene Preferences dialog General tab, expand the Default MW Marker for Agarose Gels menu.

Choose the desired default ladder, then close the Preferences dialog.

Note: To update the default MW Marker selection if the Simulate Agarose Gel dialog is already open, close the dialog then reopen it.

Customize the MW Markers List

If the desired MW marker is not listed in the Default MW Marker for Agarose Gels menu, choose Edit MW Markers List... .

Alternatively, click the Edit MW Markers List... button in the Simulate Agarose Gel dialog.

Click the check box next to each desired MW marker.