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Adjust Translated Feature Numbering

How can I change the amino acid numbering of a translated feature?

Open the Edit Feature Dialog

This feature represents the C-terminal fragment of the Cas9 protein. The numbering starts at +1, and the goal is to adjust the numbering to match that of full-length Cas9.

To adjust the translation start number, double-click on the feature to open the Edit Feature dialog.

Open the Feature Translation Options Dialog

Click the Feature Translation Options... button.

Adjust the Feature Translation Numbering

To adjust the feature translation numbering, use the "Translation numbers start at" control.

The dialog adjusts the display so that the last amino acid on each line matches the number in the far right column. When the adjustment is correct, click OK.

View the Updated Feature Translation Numbering

In this example, the feature translation numbering now starts at amino acid 574.

Adjust the Translation Numbering of a Segmented Feature

This sequence shows three segments of an EGFP feature. To adjust the translation numbering, double-click on the feature to open the Edit Feature dialog.

The second segment consists of a single amino acid, Val-1a, which is not present in the original GFP. To turn off the numbering for this second segment, click the Feature Translation Options... button.

Select "Skip this segment" to omit the numbering for Segment 2.

Specify the "Start at" number to +2 to restart numbering with Segment 3.

View the Updated Translation Numbering

The feature translation numbering now skips the second segment and restarts numbering at +2 for the third segment.