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Download, Install and Register SnapGene

After purchasing SnapGene, how can I download, install and register the software?

After purchase, the account manager will receive an email (shown above) with a download link. This email can be forwarded to others in the group who will be using SnapGene.

At any time, the account manager can generate a new email to be forwarded (see Generate an Email with a Download Link).

Alternatively, enter your registration code at, then click Submit.

Download the Appropriate Version of SnapGene

The link in the email will take you to a web page with download buttons. Click the Download button for the appropriate version of SnapGene.

Install and Run SnapGene

Install the software. When you run it for the first time, the SnapGene Registration dialog will appear.

On Windows, the installer supports flags to control the installation process. See Command Line: Installation and Activation.

Obtain the Group Name and Registration Code

On the same web page as the download buttons, you will find the group name and registration code.

Register SnapGene

Enter your email, the Group Name and Registration Code. You can copy these items from the web page, and paste them in the SnapGene Registration dialog.

Then click Register.


Begin Using SnapGene

After a few moments, SnapGene will confirm the registration. Click OK.

You must be connected to the internet to register. Once registered, SnapGene will run without requiring an internet connection.