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Download, Install and Register SnapGene

After purchasing SnapGene, how can I download, install and register the software?

If another member of your organisation purchased SnapGene then contact them for the license registration code or a direct link to download SnapGene.

When you purchase SnapGene you will receive an email with your license details, including your license registration code.

Select and copy the Registration Code.

Download SnapGene using the Registration Code

Go to and paste the registration code in the field provided, and then click Submit to open the download page.

The download page shows the license "Group Name" and "Registration code" information and provides links for the most recent version of SnapGene suitable for your license.

Click the appropriate button to download the SnapGene installer for your operating system.

Install SnapGene

Windows: Run the Installer to install SnapGene.

macOS: The macOS installer is an Apple Disk Image. Open the disk image and drag the SnapGene application to your Applications folder to install SnapGene.

Linux: Install using the .deb file (Ubuntu) or the .rpm file (Fedora/Redhat).

On Windows, the installer supports flags to control the installation process. See Command Line: Installation and Activation.

Run and Register SnapGene

Run SnapGene, accept the EULA, then enter your name, email and the license Group Name and Registration Code. You can copy these items from the downloads page, and paste them in the SnapGene Registration dialog.

Then click Register.

Begin Using SnapGene

After a few moments, SnapGene will confirm the registration. Click OK to configure and start using SnapGene.

You must be connected to the internet to register SnapGene. Once registered, SnapGene will run without requiring an internet connection

Users of a SnapGene Network license must connect to the internet at least weekly, via an allowed IP address, in order to continue using SnapGene. Users of a Shared license must be able to connect to a local SnapGene license server in order to use SnapGene.