Adjust the Configuration

How can SnapGene be configured to adjust or disable some functionality?

1. Windows or Linux

Open the SnapGene settings file in a text editor.  This file is located under:





Disable Ordering

To remove the ordering ability from the software including the Order button and menu options, add the category [ordering], followed by disable=true:


Disable Software Updates

To remove all "Check for Updates" menu options and disable automatic updates, go to the [updates] category and add the line disable=true

Transfer Source Features

To ensure "Source" features are transferred to the product when cloning, go to the [files] category and set transferSourceFeatures to "true".

2. MacOS

On macOS, the settings file is located in ~/Library/Preferences/com.gslbiotech.snapgene.plist.  It is not possible to change the preferences by editing this file directly. Instead, open the Terminal window and use the following format:

killall cfprefsd
defaults write com.gslbiotech.snapgene <category.preference> <value>

For example, to disable ordering use 

defaults write com.gslbiotech.snapgene ordering.disabled true

To disable updates use 

defaults write com.gslbiotech.snapgene updates.disabled true

Alternatively, preferences on macOS can be changed using a program such as PrefsEditor.