Simulate a Restriction Digest

How do I simulate an agarose gel for a restriction digest?

Specify the Sequence for Digestion

To specify the sequence, expand the Lane [N] menu, then choose the desired file.

New in SnapGene 5.2: Prior to choosing restriction enzymes, a circular sequence will be displayed with mobility calculated for supercoiled (uncut circular) DNA. See Initiate an Agarose Gel Simulation for more information.

Choose a Restriction Digest

To specify a restriction digest, choose cut with (default) from the menu.

Specify the Restriction Enzymes

To specify the restriction enzymes, type an enzyme name in the entry box to auto-search the menu. Tab to specify additional  enzymes. Alternatively, choose the enzyme name from the expanded menu, or simply click on the desired restriction site in the map.

The restriction digest will be automatically simulated.

Apply to All Lanes

If you wish to simulate the digestion of multiple sequences with the same enzyme(s), click the Apply to All Lanes button.

View the Simulated Agarose Gel

The simulated agarose gel for the restriction digest will be shown.

Rapidly Simulate a Restriction Digest

To simulate a restriction digest from a DNA sequence window, select one or more enzyme sites, then click Tools → Simulate Agarose Gel.  

The resulting digest will appear in the next available lane in the Agarose Gel Simulation dialog.

Repeat this step to populate other lanes.