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Set the Genetic Code for a Feature

How can I specify a nonstandard genetic code for a translated feature?

Select the Feature

The following procedure can be performed when you first create a translated feature, but the lesson will assume that the translated feature already exists.

In this example, the feature is actin from the ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila, and stop codons are present because the standard genetic code is being used.

Click the translated feature to select it.

Open the Edit Feature Dialog

To open the Edit Feature dialog, click Features → Edit Feature... .

Alternatively, you can double-click the feature.

Open the Feature Translation Options Dialog

To open the Feature Translation Options dialog, click Options... .

Choose the Genetic Code

Expand the Genetic Code menu, then choose the desired genetic code.

View the Updated Feature Translation

Close both dialogs by clicking OK. The updated genetic code will now be used in the translation.