Add a Cleavage Arrow

How can I display a cleavage arrow in a feature?

Specify an Insertion Point

The following procedure can be performed when you first create a feature, but the lesson will assume that the feature already exists.

To specify the cleavage arrow location, click within the DNA sequence in Sequence view to place an insertion point cursor. In this example, the cleavage arrow will be at the boundary between two feature segments, but a cleavage arrow can be placed anywhere in a feature.

Add a Cleavage Arrow

To add a cleavage arrow, click Features → Add Cleavage Site... .

View the Updated Feature

Click OK to return to Sequence view. The cleavage arrow will be displayed.

Remove a Cleavage Arrow

To remove a cleavage arrow, double-click the feature to open the Edit Feature dialog. Then click the blue control text above the feature diagram to list the cleavage arrows that can be removed. Click OK to remove cleavage arrows at the selected positions.

Alternatively, select the feature, then click Features → Remove Cleavage Site... .