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Save Changes in a Collection

How do I save changes in a Collection?

Open a Collection

To open a recently accessed Collection, click File → Open Collection. Alternatively, Browse... to a Collection that is being newly accessed.

View a File

To view the file that will be changed, click the file name. In this example, the goal is to change the color of the E2-Crimson feature.

Change a Collection File

Make the desired changes in the file. In this example, to edit the feature color, double-click the feature name, change the color, then click OK.

View the Changes

The updated file is now shown in the Collection window. The unsaved changes are indicated by an asterisk next to the file name.

Save the Changes

To save the changes (and remove the asterisk), click File Save.

Change Multiple Collection Files

It is also possible to change multiple files in a Collection at once. For example, to modify the name of a feature that is present in multiple files, click Bulk Edit..., then select Replace Feature Name from the Replace: menu. As illustrated below, the feature name can then be replaced in all files that match the search term.

In the File Name list, asterisks will mark the modified files.

Save the Changes

To save the modified files, expand the second menu box and select Unsaved.

Select the unsaved files that should be saved, then click Save Changes. (To undo all edits, click Discard Changes.)

Alternatively, instead of viewing the "Unsaved" set, simply click File → Save All.

After the changes in the Collection files have been saved, asterisks will no longer be visible.