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Export Files from a Collection

How can I export files from a collection?

Open a Collection

To open a recently accessed collection, click File → Open Collection, or Browse... to a collection that is being newly accessed.

Duplicate One or More Files

Select one or more files to export, then click Duplicate in New Window. Alternatively, to duplicate a single file in a new window, double-click on the file name.

Save a Duplicated File

Each duplicated file will appear in its own window, outside of the collection. To save a duplicated file, click File → Save As... .

Specify the file name, location, and format, then click Save.

Export Files from a Collection

Alternatively, a subset of the files in a collection can be exported without first being duplicated in new windows.

Select a subset of files from the collection, then click the Import/Export menu button.

Choose Export Selected File/s... from the Import/Export menu.

Save the Files

In this example, a New Folder was created to store the files on the Desktop.