Zoom In

How can I zoom in on a sequence, region, or feature?

Show the Zoom Controls

To show the zoom controls, click the Zoom Controls button.

If desired, first select the sequence region or feature that will be zoomed into, then click the Zoom Controls button. The blue selection will now be centered in a zoom window.

The white rectangle in the map overview shows the relative zoom window location within the entire sequence.

View the Zoomed Region in Sequence View

To view the zoomed region in Sequence view, click the Sequence tab. Bases in the zoom window upstream (and if possible) downstream of the selection are shown.

Zoom in on a Region

To reduce the number of bases shown on either side of the selection, click the Zoom In button (+) in the zoom controls.

Alternatively, drag the zoom slider.

Specify the Zoom Window Width

To specify the width of the zoom window, edit either the width value or the range bounds.

Alternatively, drag either side of the zoom window boundary.