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Adjust the Collection Display Options

How can I adjust the display options for a Collection?

Note that adjustments made to the way a Collection is displayed are not saved when a Collection is closed. To make permanent changes to the way your Collection is displayed - see Change a Collection's Display Settings

Open the Collection

To open a recently accessed Collection, click File → Open Collection. Alternatively, Browse... to a Collection that is being newly accessed.

View the Collection

Click the menu button to choose between different Collection Areas (file types). You may also select Collection Overview.

In the Collection Overview, a description and Collection author can be added. To return to viewing the Collection contents, click the menu button and switch to DNA Files.

All DNA files in the Collection are displayed.

Switch to Folder View

If folders are being used to organize the DNA files, click the "Show folder view" button to view them.

Click the triangle next to a folder to expand its contents, which will be highlighted in blue. Collection files can be moved in and out of folders by clicking and dragging them in this list.

Switch to List View

To switch to list view, click the "Show list view" button.

View a Subset of the Files

To view a subset of the files, expand the second menu and select files previously assigned to a Working Set, or Unsaved files, or files matching the Search Results.

Change the Columns

To change the columns displayed, click the arrow button and add or remove a column.

Sort the File List

To sort the files by a column attribute, click the column header. In this example, the files are sorted by the date they were created.

To reverse the sort using the "Date Created" attribute, click this column header again.