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GenBank Export Customization

How do I set the format for sequences exported in standard GenBank format ?

GenBank export customization is available in SnapGene 6.1 and later.

Open Preferences

Click SnapGene → Preferences (macOS) or Edit → Preferences (Windows or Linux), and select "Export" in the sidebar.

Set the LOCUS Name for Exported GenBank Sequences

Use the "Locus name:" drop-down menu to set whether the GenBank locus field is set to the "File name", the "Map label", or the sequence "Alias". For more information on Map labels/Alias see Edit the Sequence Name Label.

Limit the LOCUS Name Length

For "strict" GenBank format, GenBank files must have a LOCUS name length of 16 characters or less.

Uncheck the "Locus name length:" option to allow a LOCUS name of any length. Alternatively, leave the option checked and set a custom LOCUS name length limit.

A name that exceeds the "LOCUS name length:" will be truncated to the specified limit. The original full length name will be added to the GenBank Keywords field.

Set How Feature Names are Exported

By default, SnapGene will export feature names as /label qualifiers when exporting to "GenBank-Standard" Format. If this option is unchecked feature names are exported as a /note qualifier. This option does not affect export to "GenBank - SnapGene" or  "GenBank - Vector NTI" formats.

Set How Non-standard Features are Exported

SnapGene allows the use of non-standard (custom) Feature Types - see Custom Feature Types (SnapGene 6.0 and later).

By default, custom Feature Types (and associated qualifiers) will be exported unchanged to all GenBank formats. To conform with strict GenBank format, check the option to "Export custom feature types as misc_feature". When exporting, this will convert all custom features to misc_feature format.