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Bulk edit the Description Information of multiple Sequences

How can I bulk edit the Description information associated with multiple sequence files?

Open the Collection

Open a Collection containing the sequences to be modified.

Click File → Open Collection and choose a recently opened Collection. Alternatively, click Browse... to locate and open a Collection.

If your sequences to be edited are not in a Collection, then first add them to a new Collection - See Add Files to a Collection.

Open the Collection "Bulk Edit" Pane

Set the Area to the file type you wish to edit. In this example we will add common "Description" information to a selection of "DNA Files".

Click "Bulk Edit"  to see the bulk editing options.

Click the "Bulk Edit:" dropdown and choose "Specify Description Panel Entries".

Select the files in the Collection that you wish to bulk edit.

Click the Specify Description Panel Entries..." button.

Specify the Information to Add to Each File Description

Note that this step will replace existing information, if present, in a files description.

Configure common information on DNA Type, host organism and Sequence author using the fields and drop-down menus provided.

Click OK to make the changes.

Save the Changes

SnapGene will add the new information to the selected files.

Changed files will be marked with an asterisk "*" to show they have unsaved changes.

Review the Changed files

If required, select each modified file and review the edited information in the Description panel.

Save All Changed Files

Click File → Save All to save all modified files.

To discard unwanted changes to all files, hold down the ALT key (Windows or Linux) or the option key (macOS) and click File → Close All Without Saving.