Standard Feature Types in SnapGene

What are the standard feature types used in SnapGene?

In SnapGene functional elements or regions on DNA, RNA and protein sequence are recorded and depicted as features. All features have associated qualifier and coordinate information.

In SnapGene DNA and RNA sequence "Standard Feature" Types correspond to those used in GenBank, and specified by the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration.

Protein "Standard Features" Types correspond to those used in the GenBank Protein database.

SnapGene 6.0 and later allow you to define and use Custom Feature Types.

View Standard Feature Types in SnapGene

Click Features → Manage Feature Types to see a table of all "Standard" Feature Types in the SnapGene Feature Type database.

Set the dropdown to display "Standard Feature Types". All standard Feature Types will be displayed.

Click on the Column headers to sort based on the Column categories that apply to each Type, All, DNA/RNA or Protein.

Edit the Default Color of Standard Feature Types

You cannot edit Standard Feature Type names or qualifiers. However, you can edit the default color used in SnapGene for each Standard Feature Type.

To edit Standard Feature Type colors, select one or more Feature types in the list and click Edit. Alternatively, click on the color "swatch" associated with a Feature Type.

Choose an appropriate color by clicking on a default color swatch, or by clicking More Colors to pick a specific color.

The new color will be shown in the "Manage Feature Types" table. The Feature Type name will be italicised to indicate is the color has been changed from the default.

Note that changing the default color setting for any "Feature Type" will only apply to new features of that type added to a sequence. Existing features of that type will retain their original set color. To change the color of an existing Feature, select the feature on the sequence and click Features → Edit Feature.