Import Custom Feature Types in a File

How do I import Custom Feature Types into SnapGene from a file?

Open a File with One or More Features Defined as a Custom Type

Open a file that contains sequence features with Custom Feature Types (SnapGene .dna, .rna, .prot or .dnaln).

Double click on a Feature to view the unknown Feature Type details.

If the Feature Type is an unknown Type SnapGene will ask if you want to Change [the feature] Type or Create Type.

Click the Disclosure triangle to see the name of the unknown Type.

Create the Custom Feature Type

Click Create Type to open the "Edit Feature" dialog.

The "Edit Feature" dialog will open showing the feature with the new Feature Type.

Click OK to add the new Feature Type to your Custom Feature Type database.

Click menu Features → Manage Feature Types and in the "Manage Feature Types" window, select "Custom Feature Types" via the dropdown menu. The new Custom Feature Type will now be present in your "Custom Feature Types" list.

You can now use the new custom Feature Type when adding a new feature to a sequence. See Create a Simple Feature.

Change an Unknown Feature Type to a Known Type

Click Change Type.

The "Edit Feature" dialog will open, the unknown Feature Type will automatically be changed to Type: misc_feature.

Click the dropdown to set the Type to another Standard or Custom Type. Choose from the Recent Feature Types, or click the "All Feature Types" submenu to select from the list of "All Feature Types".

Click OK to change the Type for the feature.