Create Custom Feature Types

How do I create a custom Feature Type in SnapGene?

The ability to add and use custom feature types is available in SnapGene 6.0 and later.

Add a New Feature Type

To define a custom Feature Type click Features → Add Feature Type....

Enter a name for the new custom Feature Type. Feature Type names must not contain spaces, SnapGene will automatically add underscores if spaces are added.

Click on the "Default color" icon to set a default color for the custom Feature Type.

Add a "Description" for the custom Feature Type.

If the new Feature Type encodes a protein or peptide, check the option to "Allow translation in Sequence view".

Add or Remove Feature Qualifiers

All Custom Features must have "label" and "note" Qualifiers, these are automatically added and cannot be removed. To add other appropriate Qualifiers to the new custom Feature Type, select one or more Qualifiers from the list of "Available Qualifiers" and click Add →.

To remove one or more Qualifiers from a custom Feature Type, select the Qualifiers in the "Assigned Qualifiers" list and click Remove.

Translated Custom Feature Qualifiers

If the option to "Allow translation in sequence view" is checked, then the Feature Qualifiers required for translated features (codon, codon_start, transl_except, transl_table and translation ) will all be automatically added.

For more information, see for a summary of Feature Qualifiers and usage.