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Set the "Molecule Type" for Imported GenBank Files

How do I set whether SnapGene will import GenBank mRNA and ssDNA files as double-stranded DNA (dsDNA)?

The "Molecule Type" (DNA, ssDNA, RNA, mRNA, cRNA etc) is defined as part of a GenBank file LOCUS line. By default, SnapGene will import mRNA files as dsDNA (cDNA).

Open Preferences

Click SnapGene → Preferences (macOS) or Edit → Preferences (Windows or Linux), and select "Files" in the sidebar.

Uncheck the option to "When opening a GenBank file, convert" to prevent SnapGene from changing the "molecule type" specified in the GenBank LOCUS line.

Leave the option checked, and click the dropdown menu to choose whether to:

  • Convert mRNA to dsDNA (effectively cDNA)
  • Convert mRNA and ssDNA to dsDNA
  • Convert all molecule types to dsDNA