Concatenate up to 10 Sequences

How do I concatenate 2 or more sequences?

SnapGene does not have a dedicated concatenation tool.

However, you can use the Linear ligation tool to "ligate" up to 10 blunt ended fragments to create a single concatenated sequence.

Perform Linear Ligation

Click Actions → Linear Ligation → Ligate [N] Fragments, where N is the number of fragments for concatenation.

Select each "Fragment" tab in turn, and set the Source for each fragment.

Once all fragments are defined, switch to the "Product" tab to view the final product.

Enter a name for the product, then click Ligate to create the "concatenated" sequence.

The "concatenated" sequence will open as a new unsaved sequence.

Toggle the "Show Colors" button in the side tool bar to see colors representing each concatenated part.

If you expect your concatenated parts to create an open reading frame, click the "Show Translations" button in the side toolbar to show predicted ORFs.

Click File → Save to save the new sequence to an appropriate location on your computer.

If you would like to see development of a dedicated Concatenation tool for SnapGene then let us know by submitting an "improvement request" using our online support form.