Import a Sequence from NCBI

How do I import a DNA, RNA or protein sequence from NCBI?

Import from NCBI

Click File → Import → NCBI Sequences to import a file directly from the NCBI databases (

Enter a Gene ID, or one or more Accession numbers into the field provided.

Click import to import the specified file/s.

Use the following formats to import records from the GenBank / EMBL / DDBJ database.

Single GenBank Record

Enter an accession number, with or without a version indicator. For example:

DQ115396 or DQ115396.1

Alternatively, specify a Gene ID. For example.

672 or LOC104244181

Multiple GenBank Records

Separate two or more accession numbers with commas. For example:

NM_006178, NM_008740.4

Range of GenBank Records

Separate the first and last records with a dash. For example:

AF027958 - AF027961

Region of a GenBank Record

To import part of a GenBank record, use a colon with or without the REGION indicator, and specify the sequence range. For example:

NC_000072 REGION: 122552252..122565735 or NC_000072: 122552252..122565735

Reverse Complement of a GenBank Record

To obtain the reverse complement of an entire record, follow the accession number with the (COMPLEMENT) operator. For example:


To obtain the reverse complement of a region, specify the sequence range with a COMPLEMENT() operator. For example:

CP002686: COMPLEMENT(2459491..2463965)

The NCBI record will be imported as a SnapGene file.