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Import a Protein Sequence

How do I import a protein sequence in SnapGene?

Import from UniProt

Click menu File → Import → UniProt Sequences to import directly from the UniProt database (

Use the following formats to import records from the UniProt database:

Single UniProt Record: Enter an accession number. For example:


Multiple UniProt Records: Separate two or more accession numbers with commas. For example:

P48415, Q45TY0, 1A0E_D

Range of UniProt Records: Separate the first and last records with a dash. For example:

P00156 - P00159

Import Formatted Text

SnapGene can open protein sequence files in Fasta, GenPept/UniProt, SwissProt or GCG formats.

You can also copy and paste formatted protein sequence information directly into the New Protein Sequence window -see Create a Protein Sequence.