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Prioritize Display of Features in Map View

How do I prioritize display of overlapping features in Map view?

When features have overlapping coordinates SnapGene will tile them in order of longest (top) to shortest (bottom). This lesson explains how to override this default order.

Open a Sequence of Interest

Open a Sequence of interest and use the tools on the Side Toolbar to display as required. In this example the large "origin" feature is displayed above shorter gray "repeat" features.

Double click on a feature that you wish to see displayed above a larger feature. This will open the "Edit Feature" dialog.

Check the option to "Prioritize display of this feature in maps", then click OK.

The selected "repeat" feature will now be displayed above the larger overlapping "origin" feature. In this example, other small repeat features can fit in the space previously occupied by the "origin" feature and so are also displayed above the "origin" feature.