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View Features in Multiple Sequence Alignments

How do I view sequence-associated features in a multiple sequence alignment?

SnapGene version 5.3 and later allow display of features in multiple sequence alignments

Create a Multiple Alignment with Annotated Sequences

Prepare your annotated sequences for alignment, in this example the sequences are stored in a Collection.

Select the sequences for alignment, and click Align Selected Sequences....

Choose one or more Alignment algorithms to use and enter a name for the new alignment. Click Align to run the Aligner/s and create the new alignment/s.

View the Alignment

View the new alignment. By default features will not be displayed.

Click the disclosure triangle associated with a sequence to view the associated feature, including translation for CDS features.

Option-click (macOS) or ALT-click (Windows and Linux) on a disclosure triangle to expand and show the features for all sequences in the alignment.