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Shared License Administration: Replace a Vendor Daemon License File

As the account manager, how do I update a Snapgene license server with a new Vendor Daemon License file?

If your Snapgene shared license "seat" number, expiration date or server address are revised by a SnapGene representative, or if you purchase a new shared license, then a new Vendor Daemon License file will be generated and available via your SnapGene My Account page. Your license server must be updated with the new file for the changes to take effect.

Log In to your SnapGene Account

Login to your account at

If you have more than one SnapGene license, select your "Shared" license via the dropdown list.

Get the New Vendor Daemon License File

Scroll down and click the button to Download Vendor Daemon File, the file, called "Vendor_Daemon_License.lic" will be downloaded to your computer.

Log In to the License Server

Log in to the SnapGene license web server using http://server_address:8090, where server_address is the license server IP address or hostname. If you are on the license server computer use http://localhost:8090.

Switch to the Administration panel to log in.

Load the Vendor Daemon License File

If required, select the "Vendor Daemon Configuration" tab, then click the Import License button.

Click the Choose File button to locate and load the new "Vendor_Daemon_License.lic" file.

Check the option to "Overwrite License File on License Server".

Click the Import License button to load the license.

You should be notified that the license server was successfully updated with the new license file.

The new license will now be used to administer all connecting SnapGene clients using the shared license.

Note that SnapGene clients obtain the revised license details by checking into a License server at SnapGene checks in to this license server once a day, so it may take up to one day for SnapGene to obtain the revised license details.

To get the revised license details immediately, click SnapGene menu Help → Check for Updates.