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Insert a Feature into a Sequence

How do I insert a feature into a sequence?

Open a DNA Sequence File and Define the Insertion Point

Open a DNA sequence and switch to Sequence view.

Click at the position you wish to insert the feature, or select 1 or more nucleotides if you wish to replace a region with the feature. In the above example, the eGFP CDS stop codon will be replaced with the incoming feature.

Add the Feature

Click menu Edit → Insert → Feature....

Select a feature from the list of Standard features, or use the drop-down to select from Custom features. See Detect Custom Features to learn how to add your own custom features to the Custom Features list.

Click Replace (or Insert) to add the selected feature to the sequence.

View the Newly Added Feature

Select the "Show Colors" button in the side toolbar to highlight (in red) the newly added feature sequence.

Save the modified sequence.

If you wish to add multiple sequence elements to an existing sequence then consider using the Design Synthetic Sequence tool