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Set Preferences for Agarose Gel Simulations

How do I specify the default settings for agarose gel simulations?

Set Preferences for Agarose Gels

Click SnapGene → Preferences (macOS) or Edit → Preferences (Windows or Linux) and select "Agarose Gels".

Set the Default MW Marker for New Gels

Use the drop-down menu to set the default MW marker for new agarose gel simulations.

Click Edit MW Markers List... to choose from a comprehensive list of commercially available MW markers. Use the check boxes to add or remove the markers that will be shown in the "Default MW Marker for Agarose Gels" drop-down menu.

If your favorite MW marker is not available, please contact our support team to have it added to a future release of SnapGene.

Set Lane Numbering for MW Markers in New Gels

Check or uncheck the option to "Number the lanes that show MW markers".

Set How Bands Are Displayed Relative to the Calculated Position

Use the drop-down menu to set the calculated position to correspond to the top edge, middle, or bottom edge of a band.

Set the Gel Buffer for Supercoiled DNA Simulation

For accurate simulation of the migration of supercoiled DNA (uncut circular DNA), specify the buffer that will be used. Choose between TBE, TAE, and SB buffers.

This gel buffer setting applies to both new and existing gels.