Edit the Sequence Name Label

How do I change the name displayed on my Sequence?

By default SnapGene displays the File name as the sequence label in Map view and Sequence view. If the sequence is imported from GenBank then the label will be the sequence Accession number.

View the Sequence in Map View

Open and view the sequence of interest in Map view. Click on the displayed name to change it.

Choose "Use the following name:" and enter a new name to display.

You can also add an optional alias, for example, if you have an alternative name referring to a physical collection sample.

Click OK to accept the new name.

If you wish to base the new name on the existing file name, then click within the "Use following name:" field and hit the down arrow key to automatically fill the field with the file name.

View the Label Changes

The new name label will now be displayed in Map view. If an alias was added then it will be shown in the top left corner of the window.