Show or Hide Protein Features

How do I show or hide protein features in Map view or Sequence view?

SnapGene can display three protein feature types, Regions, Sites and Bonds.


  • A Region defines one or more contiguous amino acids and is depicted as a colored feature
  • Regions may be further divided into subtypes based on expected function (none, no subtype, mature peptide,  pro protein, signal peptide, or transit peptide)


  • A Site feature defines a single amino acid of interest and is depicted above the sequence line


  • A (covalent) bond between amino acids in the same sequence (intramolecular bond) is depicted as a loop
  • A (covalent) bond with another protein (intermolecular bond) is depicted as a line

Use the Side Toolbar

Click the buttons on the side toolbar to toggle display of Region, Site and Bond features on a protein sequence.

1. Show or hide protein Regions.

2. Show or hide protein Sites.

3. Show or hide protein Bonds.