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Italicize Restriction Enzyme Names

How do I display restriction enzyme names in Italics in DNA maps?

A restriction enzyme is named with a prefix based on the first letter of the genus and first two letters of the species from which the enzyme was isolated. A fourth letter may be added to represent the species strain/serotype. Historically, the first three letters were italicized.

For example,  the enzyme HindIII was the third of four enzymes isolated from Haemophilus influenzae serotype d.

This italics convention is no longer considered essential. Many journals now avoid italics for enzyme names.

By default, SnapGene does not italicize enzyme names, but they can italicized if desired.

Open Preferences

Click SnapGene → Preferences (macOS) or Edit → Preferences (Windows or Linux), and select "Enzymes" in the sidebar.

Check the box to "Show restriction enzyme names in italics".

View Enzyme Sites

Italicized restriction enzyme names will be displayed in Map, Sequence, and Enzymes views.