Reset All Warning Messages

How do I reset the warning messages that have been turned off?

As listed in the table below, a number of warning messages can be disabled in SnapGene. Use Reset Warnings to reinstate all warning messages. You can then turn off individual messages once again.

Open Preferences

Click SnapGene → Preferences (macOS) or Edit → Preferences (Windows or Linux). If necessary, select "General" in the sidebar.

Click the Reset Warnings button to reset all warning messages.

List of Warning Messages

The following table lists the SnapGene warning messages that can be disabled.

Note that some warnings may only be disabled for as long as SnapGene is running, and some warnings are operating system-specific.

Cause of Warning Message Text of Warning Message
When opening a GenBank file that is marked as linear but is likely circular.
"file_name is marked as linear, but it looks like a plasmid. Is it actually circular?"
When attempting to open a file created by a newer version of SnapGene.
"That file was made with a newer version of SnapGene, and it may not open properly."
When attempting to align protein sequences that have internal stop codons. "Some of the aligned sequences have internal stop codons. The only alignment algorithm that preserves stop codons is Clustal Omega."
When attempting to use T-Coffee to align a large number of sequences.
"T-Coffee can be slow when aligning a large number of sequences. Proceed with the alignment?"
When re-editing a multiple sequence alignment starting from the unedited alignment.
"Editing the original file_name alignment will erase your previous edits to this alignment."
When saving to the LabArchives ELN.
File saved successfully to LabArchives." (Save As) or "Changes saved successfully to LabArchives." (Save).
When closing a file that had been automatically updated to a new format (but is not yet saved).
"file_name uses an old file format. Would you like to update the file format before closing? Nothing else will be changed."
When running on Linux and the Verdana font is not available. "SnapGene uses a font that is not installed on your computer. Missing font: Verdana."
When a file history grows excessively large.
"The history tree for that file has more than 25 levels of ancestors. Large history trees increase file size and slow the software. To limit history trees automatically, use the check box control in the 'General' tab of Preferences."
When attempting to copy the translation for a selection in a DNA sequence.
"The copied protein sequence will be from reading frame +1. To copy a specific protein sequence, please select a translated feature or an ORF or a stretch of codons."
When attempting to copy the translation for a DNA feature not marked as translated.
"The copied protein sequence will be from reading frame frame. To see the protein sequence, translate the selected feature."
When attempting to remove features or primers.

“Remove selected feature/primer? The DNA/protein sequence will not be affected.”

When attempting to edit a long sequence.
"Insertions and deletions larger than 1000 kb are not undoable."
When attempting to view codon frequencies in multiple features that are not all marked as translated.
"Codon frequencies will be shown only for the translated features."   
When attempting to enter a forbidden character in a directory name or file name.  "Sorry, that character is not allowed in file/directory names."
When adding a non-translated DNA feature that corresponds to an ORF. "That feature looks like a coding sequence. Should it be translated in Sequence view?"