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Set the Default Transformation Strain

How do I set the default bacterial transformation strain for new circular sequences?

Open Preferences

Click SnapGene → Preferences (macOS) or Edit → Preferences (Windows or Linux). If necessary, select "General" in the sidebar.

Use the drop-down menu for "Default Transformation Strain" to set the default E. coli strain. The methylation properties of each strain are listed.

Edit the Default Strain List

By default, SnapGene provides a list of 12 commonly used E. coli strains. However, the software includes a database of over 200 E. coli strains. To add other strains to the default list, click the drop-down menu and choose "Edit Strains List...".

In the "Edit Strains List" dialog, use the check boxes to select the strains that will be shown by default in the drop-down menu.

The default list will be shown when choosing "Bacterial Transformation Strain" in the Description Panel or in a cloning window.