Import a Vector NTI Database

How do I migrate my Vector NTI® database into SnapGene?

SnapGene can import and convert a Vector NTI® database into a Collection. See The following file types can be imported

File Type Description
.gp and .gp
DNA and protein sequences
.ma4 and .pa4 DNA and protein archives
.cep Contig Express assemblies
.apr and .aprx AlignX multiple alignments
.oar Oligo Archive

Locate your Vector NTI database

A vector NTI database will reside somewhere on your computer as a single folder, with a name like "Vector NTI database". Consult the Vector NTI documentation for the likely location of this folder.

In SnapGene, click File → Import Vector NTI Database....

In the Import window, use the upper Browse button to point SnapGene at the database folder.

Enter a name for for the new Collection that will be created. Use the lower Browse button to set the location for saving the new Collection.

If SnapGene detects that the Vector NTI database contains customized user fields then it will give you the option to map one field to the SnapGene "Code number" Field. See Configure Code Numbers for a Collection for more information on "Code Numbers". Click OK to Continue.

A Progress window will appear during the importation process.

All sequence files that can be imported will be imported into the new Collection.

All primers will be imported as a single delimited text list called "Oligos" which is stored in the "Miscellaneous Files" area of the Collection.

You can use this text file for testing your primers against DNA or RNA sequences. See Import Primers for more information on using a primer list.