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Import Primers into Multiple SnapGene Files

How do I import primers simultaneously into multiple DNA sequence files in a collection?

Create a Primer List

In a text editor or spreadsheet program, create a delimited text file of primers with the columns Name, Sequence, and (optionally) Notes. The delimiters may be commas, tabs, or semicolons. Alternatively, create a multi-sequence FASTA file listing the primer names, descriptions and sequences.

As another possible source of imported primers, you can use an existing SnapGene DNA sequence file.

Create or Open a Collection of Files

Add sequence files to a new or existing collection. For more information, see Open a Collection and Make a New Collection and Add Files to a Collection.

Select the Destination Files

Select multiple DNA files in the collection list using Shift-click or Ctrl-click (Windows) / Cmd-click (macOS). To select all of the files, click Edit  Select All.

Click Primers → Import Primers from a List...  or Primers → Import Primers from a SnapGene File... .

Specify the Primer List and the Match Parameters

In the "Import Primers from a List" dialog, use the Browse button to select the list of primers. Set the match parameters, then hit OK to add the primers.

Save the Modified Sequences

Each file that has been annotated with new primers will be marked with an asterisk (*) to indicate that it is unsaved. Click File → Save All, or use the "Save" dropdown menu in the main toolbar and click Save All. The new primer annotations will be saved to each file.

View the Individual DNA Sequences

To view the new primers, select individual sequences in the collection list.