Edit Feature Qualifiers

How do I edit a sequence feature qualifiers?

View and Edit a Feature

If you have imported features from another sequence then some qualifiers may need to be updated or removed. For example, Source feature qualifiers should be revised, and GenBank-specific qualifiers such as "/db_xref" should be removed

Open a sequence, and switch to Features view. Check the option to see "Full Descriptions" so that all feature qualifiers are visible. Identify the qualifiers that need revision or removal.  Double click on a feature name to open an "Edit Feature" window.

Edit a Qualifier

Select a qualifier type via the dropdown menu to edit it.  Edit the qualifier information in the text field. Use the associated formatting tools if you want to format the qualifier text.

Repeat for all relevant qualifier types that require editing.

Delete a Qualifier

To delete an unwanted qualifier, select the qualifier type via the dropdown menu. Use the "minus" button to remove, or delete any text in the associated text field. Click OK once all qualifier editing is completed.

Review and Save the Feature Qualifier Amendments

In Features view, confirm all qualifier amendments are correct, then click File → Save to save the changes.