Flip Multiple DNA Sequences

How do I simultaneously flip multiple DNA sequence files in a collection?

Create or Open a Collection of Files

Add sequence files to a new or existing collection. For more information, see Open a Collection and Make a New Collection and Add Files to a Collection.

Select the Sequence Files to Flip

Select multiple files in the collection list using Shift-click or Ctrl-click (Windows) / Cmd-click (macOS). To select all of the files, click Edit  Select All.

Flip the Selected DNA Sequences

Click View → Flip Sequences.

Each "flipped" file will be marked by an asterisk (*) to indicate that it is unsaved. Click File → Save All, or use the "Save" dropdown menu in the main toolbar and click Save All.

View the Individual DNA Sequences

Select individual sequences in the collection list. The sequences will be reverse complemented relative to their original orientations.