Blast Multiple Sequences

How do I simultaneously BLAST multiple sequence files in a Collection?

Create or Open a Collection of Files

Add sequence files to a new or existing collection. For more information, see Open a Collection and Make a New Collection and Add Files to a Collection.

Select the Sequence Files to BLAST

Select multiple files in the Collection list using Shift-click or Ctrl-click (Windows) / Cmd-click (macOS). To select all of the files, click Edit  Select All.

Initiate the BLAST Search

Use the Tools menu to choose the appropriate BLAST program and database. SnapGene will open NCBI BLAST in your default browser and add your sequences to the Query Sequence box.

If your combined sequence submission is large, then SnapGene will notify you, copy the selected sequences to the clipboard, and ask you to paste the clipboard contents into the Query Sequence box on the NCBI BLAST web page.

Perform BLAST in the Web Browser

Perform the BLAST search from the NCBI web page.