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Embed Files from Other Programs in a Sequence File

How can I embed relevant files from other software programs in a SnapGene sequence file, and then access the embedded files?

Show the Description Panel

Open a sequence file and display the Description Panel (see Show or Hide the Description Panel).

Embed Files by Drag-and-Drop

Drag and drop one or more files, generated by SnapGene or any other software program, into the "Embedded Files" field. The files will be embedded within the SnapGene file.

Add Files Using the "Embedded Files" Interface

Click on the "Embedded Files" link to open the "Embedded Files" dialog.

Drag and drop one or more files, of any file type, into the "Embedded Files" dialog. Alternatively, click the Embed Files... button and then choose the files to add.

Organize Embedded Files

To rearrange files in the Manage Embedded Files dialog, select one or more files and use the arrow buttons to move them up or down in the list.

To rename an embedded file, select the file and edit the "Name" field.

To remove an embedded file, select it in the list and click the Remove button. All embedded files can be removed at once by clicking Remove All.

View an Embedded File

To open an embedded file in an external program, click on the name of the embedded file in the Description Panel. The file will open using the default program set for the file type.

Extract Embedded Files

To extract embedded files as stand-alone documents, select one or more files in the list and then click the Export Selected Files... button.