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Add Descriptive Information to a Sequence File

How do I use the Description Panel to store information about a DNA, RNA or protein sequence?

Open a sequence file, and show the Description Panel if it is not already visible.

Add Information About the Sequence Source

The following description is for DNA sequence files, but the procedure is similar for an RNA or protein sequence file.

Set the type to "Natural DNA" or "Synthetic DNA". 

If a synthetic DNA sequence has been confirmed experimentally, you can click the associated check box, and a check mark will appear next to the sequence length indicator.

To specify the laboratory host organism for a synthetic DNA sequence, choose from the options in the menu, or enter your own laboratory host information.

To specify the transformation strain for a synthetic circular DNA sequence, use the menu.

To specify the methylation of a synthetic DNA sequence, click the Change button.

For a natural DNA sequence, specify the source organism using the menu.

If desired, the sequence class for a natural DNA sequence can also be specified. This setting corresponds to one of the GenBank categories. If you are unsure of the sequence class, then use "UNA  – unannotated".

Add a Description and Comments

Enter text if desired in the Description field and/or Comments field. If appropriate, use the text formatting tools and use the text insertion tools to add special characters or hyperlinks.

Add an Accession Number and/or Code Number

If the sequence is from an external database and you know the  accession number,  enter it in the field provided. If you use internal code numbers for your sequences, then enter a code number.

Specify the Sequence Author

Enter the name of the sequence author, or choose from the preset list.

Add References

See the article entitled Add Reference Information to a Sequence for details about how to add references.

Embed External Documents in a Sequence File

Click the blue "Embedded Files" text to embed external documents in a SnapGene sequence file. See the article entitled Embed Files in a Sequence File for details about adding and managing embedded files.

Preserve Description Panel Information in an Exported File

Data added to the Description Panel is used to populate data fields for an exported GenBank file.