Show or Hide Aligned Sequences

How do I toggle display of aligned sequences view?

Show Alignment

The "Show Alignment" button allows you to view and edit sequences that have been aligned to your sequence. It also allows you to create a new alignment.

Click the "Show Alignment" button in the side toolbar to see the Aligned sequences panel.

Add Sequences to the alignment


If no sequences have been aligned to the reference sequence then you can drag and drop reads into the "Aligned with" panel and SnapGene will attempt to align them with the reference.

Alternatively, click Tools → Align to Reference DNA Sequence → Align Imported Sequences... to add new sequences.

In Map view reads able to be aligned are displayed in a yellow panel above the reference.

In Sequence view the aligned sequences can be viewed and edited.

See the Aligning to a Reference DNA sequence video tutorial  for more on performing alignment to a reference.

See the Aligned Reads to a Reference Sequence User Guide article for more detailed information on alignment to a reference.