Show or Hide the Toolbars

How can I show or hide the top or side toolbars?

Show or Hide the Side Toolbar

Click on the disclosure triangle at the top of the side toolbar to show or collapse the side toolbar.

Alternatively, to show or hide the side toolbar click View → Toolbar → Show/Hide Side Toolbar.

Show or Hide or the Top Toolbar

To show or hide the Top toolbar click  View → Toolbar → Show/Hide Side Toolbar.

Customize the Top Toolbar

To customize the Top toolbar click  View → Toolbar → Customize Top Toolbar....

Alternatively, right click (Control-click for macOS) anywhere on the Top toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar....

Use the options to change how the Top toolbar is displayed. Uncheck the "Show the "Order" button" to hide the Order button at the far right of the Top toolbar. Click Done to save the selected display options.